Spring Term Clubs

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Music and Movement Club

Music and movement club is designed to motivate , encourage and confidence boost everyone! It’s a combination of dance , listening , sharing game ideas and having fun!



Up and Running Club

Children from UKG and Trans participate in the Up and Running Club before school on Wednesday at 8.15. They run continuous laps of the playground for 10 mins, collecting a band after each lap so their distance can be recorded and tallied at the end of each half term. The Up and Running children will be encouraged to take part in a one mile fun run in May. 


Gym Club

Gym Club runs after school on Monday ( Trans) and Wednesday (UKG) until 4.15. The children develop and extend skills learnt in gymnastics lessons such as rolls, headstands and cartwheels advancing to handstands and round offs. They also learn how to use a springboard and vaulting. Many of the children who attend Gym Club go on to represent the school in gymnastics competitions. 


Chess Club

Chess club introduces the game to Transition by demonstrating how each individual piece moves and captures. Using a variety of activities, short games and puzzles pupil gradually learn all he moves and rules in a fun way



Chess Club

How would you like to lead an army of 16 soldiers? At Chess Club you need a head for problems, nerves of steel, an eye for detail and the will to win! Chess Club players work towards The Chess Federation Bronze and Silver exams whilst looking at tactics and competing in a weekly tournament.

Tie Dye Club

You will be creating individual, funky, colourful designs which will be envied by all your friends and family.  Techniques will include: crumpling, pleating or folding fabric.

If this is for you, then it's time to get your groovy on!


Cookery Club

Would you like to learn to make a range of simple recipes and take a small sample home to surprise your families? At Cookery Club we discover the pleasure of cooking. We learn about the many different tastes and ingredients which make up the food we eat. We show you important cooking skills including baking cakes, cooking easy main course dishes and dinner party delicacies.

Games Club

Join games club to learn and play exciting and enjoyable board and card games. Learn to out-think your opponents and embrace good sportsmanship, improve your focus and social skills, and all whilst having lots of fun!!


The Goodwyn Players Drama Club

A drama group for 12 aspiring actors and actresses. You will be learning the art of putting on a play as well as becoming more confident on stage through drama improvisations, games and exercises. The term will end with a performance of the play to an invited audience.

Touch Typing Club

Come and learn useful keyboard skills by racing through an interactive programme level by level. Put these skills to the test with some time to use computers in lots of fun ways from games to art at the end of each session

Design Technology Club

Design and technology club will be about the children designing an item that they wish to make one week then recreating it the next.   Obviously we will have ideas for them to choose from but we would also like to encourage them to use their own imaginations to create.   They will be using a variety of materials i.e textiles, wood etc,  making cushions or bags, so their sewing skills will come into it, carpentry skills, making anything from boxes to bird tables and much much more.




Games Club

In our games club, we will be playing an array of games, from board games to active problem solving activities. Come and join us to release some energy and challenge those imaginative brains.


Arts and Crafts Club

In Arts and Crafts club you will get the chance to make a range of things using various materials.  This could include hamma beads, clay, painting, stitch work, origami and more…



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