Our Performance

The choice of the next school is a very important decision. How can one be sure that one school would be better than another? Simply because one particular school is higher up the table than another does not mean it would suit your child. We are pleased to be able to talk through our thoughts with our parents as we know our children extremely well and can offer insight to guide them through the process.

In Early Years our most recent results show that nearly 80% of our children at the end of Lower Kindergarten (Reception) have made an expected or exceeding level of progress. This is above both national and local statistics. Over 95% of our children achieved expected or exceeding progress in Literacy and nearly 90% in Mathematics.

At the end of our two-form Key Stage 1, many of our children stay to join the one-form Key Stage 2 classes, which offer a broad, exciting curriculum where children feel comfortable and nurtured and flourish at their own level and in their own way at every ability level.

We advise parents of suitable choices if they opt to take 7+ examinations and help them to select from the large range of Prep schools. We won’t list them here as we like to make recommendations to individuals. The most popular parental choices are schools which have senior schools. Thus moving at 7 with the intention of staying until 18.  

At 11+, the range opens up with the possibility of electing to follow the state school path. The choice will be Grammar, Community or Faith schools.

Whilst we have no input in this selection process and the entry will be by examination, location or sibling policy, we have a wide ranging knowledge and extensive profile of suitability for our individual children and do everything possible to ease pressure and prepare them for the process. We can work with the family to find the most suitable Independent School and then offer our support through written reports and contact with the school.

It can be a stressful time, but we endeavour to encourage the child to work hard, and give them the confidence required to do well and if the correct decision regarding the schools entered are in place, the future will be happy and productive.

7+ exam passes were achieved for Belmont, Devonshire House, Haberdashers' Boys and Girls, Highgate and university College.

Destinations at the end of Key Stage 2 for September 2017 included Belmont, Channing, Haberdashers' Boys and Girls, Immanuel, Ashmole, JCoss, QE Boys, Mill Hill County, St Albans, St Columba's, Wren and Yavneh. Scholarships were awarded at City of London, St Margaret's and St Albans.