As part of Anti Bullying Week, we decided to focus on the theme of ‘Respect’.

At Goodwyn we embed the importance of respecting one another and embracing everyone’s individuality. All children and staff came into school on Wednesday wearing their favourite colour. The whole school assembly looked like a wonderful rainbow. Our anti bullying ambassadors did a wonderful job leading an assembly on the importance of respect and ended it with everyone singing Aretha Franklin’s ‘R-E-S-P-E-C-T’. They all sounded amazing!

Anti Bullying Assembly - montage 1

We then went into the playground and the children created the word ‘RESPECT’ by standing in the shape of each letter of the word. The photos look fantastic! Their bodies were a rainbow and their smiles were pure sunshine.

Respect with Staff - 1

They spent the day taking part in lots of fun and engaging respect themed activities. On Thursday, we were fortunate enough to have the wonderful Adi Konviser come in to lead the whole school in a respect themed art afternoon. Each child has a very special piece of art which is a picture of them with a background full of colour, pictures and words that represent them as an individual. To show respect for one another and to embrace each other’s differences, on Friday the whole school came together in the Hall and we played ‘This Is Me’ from ‘The Greatest Showman’ and whilst it played each child, one by one stood up and showed their art, representing them as an individual to the school. There was a wonderful atmosphere of empowerment, respect and joy!  

Anti Bullying Artwork montage 1

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