Breakfast Club:       Monday to Thursdays    8.00am - 8.30am

After School Club:   Monday to Friday          3.15pm - 5.15pm



Clubs will run this term from 14.01.19 - 28.03.19





Gym Club for Transition with Mrs McCormick

At gym club the children learn individual gymnastics movements and balances and how to put them together to form a routine, they also develop their vaulting skills

Lego Club with Mrs Kirschner and Miss Roddis

Show your creativity as you build Lego creations! Each week will offer free play (with project ideas) and a time at the end of the session for Show & Tell. There will also be some building challenges scattered throughout the term. This is an ideal club for any Lego-maniac!




Chess Club with Mrs Williams

Chess club introduces the game by demonstrating how each individual piece moves and captures. Using a variety of activities, short games and puzzles pupils gradually learn all the moves and rules. They will also learn about chess co-ordinates, chess patterns and special tricks that will help them to win. Chess is great fun and incredibly good for concentration and memory



Games Club with Miss Eveleigh

Have fun, learn, grow & share. This term in games club, each week will have a different topic, including good old classic board games, games with a mathematical twist, build your own games and team challenges to stimulate and challenge your wonderful minds, learn new skills and grow together as a team.


Gym Club for UKG with Mrs McCormick

At gym club the children learn individual gymnastics movements and balances and how to put them together to form a routine, they also develop their vaulting skills



Art Club with Miss Eveleigh

Let’s get crafty!! Join me in making fun crafts to explore your creativity. We will be experimenting with various materials and supplies, ranging from structured building crafts to messy paints and glitter whilst improving fine motor skills on our arts and crafts journey.







Chess Club with Mrs Williams

How would you like to lead an army of 16 soldiers? You will need a head for problems, nerves of steel, an eye for detail and the will to win! Chess Club players will continue working towards The Chess Federation Bronze and Silver exams whilst looking at tactics and competing in a weekly tournament.


Come Dine With Me Club with Ms Woolfe and Ms Ostryn

Calling all budding chefs! Would you like to learn how to make a range of sweet and savoury foods to take home and enjoy? You will spend time practising creaming, blending, whisking, folding, peeling and chopping creating cold and hot delicacies just like Jamie Oliver.

Story Writing Club with Ms Ostryn (at Lunch Times)

Budding Authors! Come and join the Goodwyn writers club for an exciting opportunity to create, write and illustrate a picture book ready for publication




Tie Dye Club with Ms Bekhor

Do you want to brighten up the autumn and winter months? Then Tie-Dye Club is to die for! You will be creating individual, funky, colourful designs which will be envied by all your friends and family. Techniques will include: crumpling, pleating or folding fabric. 

If this is for you, then it's time to get your groovy on!


Keep Fit Club with Ms Beaumont

Shake off your winter blues, put on your keep fit shoes and get healthy after a long holiday. We will be keeping fit to music, playing games, stretching out and chilling out with stretching and basic yoga moves. Feel free to wear the fitness clothes of your choice!  


Games Club with Miss Morris and Miss Eveleigh

In games club, we will explore a variety of games, both classic and modern, including board games, card games and team building activities etc...

Come and join us to learn new skills and have fun! 




The Goodwyn Players Drama Club with Mrs Kosky

The Goodwyn Players need 15 actors to perform in “X Marks The Spot”. The pirates are trying to dig for treasure on a beach but keep being interrupted by a group of archaeologists, a film crew, 2 police officers and a family on a picnic while an ice cream seller manages to sell ice cream to everyone. So if you want to be part of this play and improve your acting and speaking skills then this is the club for you. You will have fun while becoming more confident on stage and learning to work as a team to put on a production.


Touch Typing Club with Miss Morris

Come and learn useful key board skills by racing through an interactive programme level by level. Put these skills to the test with some time to use computers in lots of fun ways from games to art at the end of each session.


Mini Clubs


Mini Dance Club with Miss Beaumont and Miss Roddis - LKG & UKG


Happy Hands with Ms Bekhor - LKG, UKG and Transition