One afternoon we were in our French lesson and our class teacher Mrs Magnus took us out of our class to tell something in private. We first went to get Luca and Jesse and then she told us about a Britannica Quiz and that we had been selected to represent Goodwyn School in it. Mrs Magnus gave us a sheet of paper with all the details and a link to the Britannica website. We were told that we needed to study six issues of the new Britannica magazine for the quiz and learn as much as we could to be ready.

During the Half term we all studied all of the magazines and it was quite a challenge to remember all the facts and tiny details. When it came to the quiz it very stressful and difficult, as there was a limited time of ten minutes per round. Luckily Chris and John from Britannica magazine reminded us every couple of minutes how much time had passed. We had to answer loads of questions and between the four of us, we managed to know quite a lot of information. Luca was in charge of reading the questions and filling in the answers on the iPad. Jacob has a separate iPad which we used to search the online copies of the Britannica Magazine. Jesse and Matthew were fully focused on quickly flicking through the actual copies of the magazine we had on the table with us.

Between us, we were a brilliant team. All of that hard work and studying paid off and now with four other school we are in the finals!


Britannica Quiz montage 1

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