French is taught to children throughout their time at Goodwyn School. Younger children are introduced to the language through songs and rhymes. Children build a wide vocabulary bank as they progress through the school. They learn how to order their favourite pastries in the patisserie, to discuss the weather and describe their hobbies. This fully equips them for a holiday in France. French culture is brought to life with a trip to Lille and the Europa Centre.


Latin is introduced in Key Stage Two with the help of Minius the mouse! The course is based upon the textbooks Minimus and Minimus Secundus which give a gentle start to learning this ancient language as well as some Roman history, myths and legends. The topic is brought to life when the children make mosaics and take on roles as slaves in a market.


A short taste of German is given to children in their last year to prepare them for secondary school. The emphasis is on speaking and listening work with an introduction to colours and numbers so that they can take their first steps at mastering a new language.