At Goodwyn School we aim to reach a high standard in Literacy. We help our children to develop into fluent and avid readers, imaginative and skilled writers. To fulfil this aim we provide a challenging, stimulating and up to date curriculum which caters for the learning needs of all. In our EYFS we teach the children using the ‘Read, Write Inc’ phonics scheme. This is continued into KS1 with an amalgamation with the ‘Jolly Phonics' phonics scheme, which continues throughout the rest of the school. The children are given the opportunity to read ‘Home Readers’ from a range of different reading schemes. Some focus on phonics, using decodable words for the children to read. Others focus on ‘tricky’ words; words which are not decodable and have to be memorised. As the children progress they read books of their choice from a wide range of genres.

Throughout the year we plan exciting events for all year groups to help make literacy fun, including World Book Day events, theatre trips and poetry competitions. Our children enjoy speaking in front of audiences when they have the chance to make presentations, take part in assemblies and participate in drama productions.