Designers' Day at Belmont


On Thursday 4th May 2019, a few children from Year 6 were selected to attend the Belmont Designers’ Day. It was a brilliant day!

The morning started off with a welcome from Belmont and then a special designer guest made a presentation which inspired us young designers. He told us that to start on a project all you need is a pencil, some paper and a ruler. He also was so passionate about making sure that he and his team only create sustainable and eco-friendly products. He was an inspiring and motivating person.

Next, we started the workshop. The aim was to come up with a set of two perfumes and packaging for them. We needed one brand name and two product names. In my group, we called our brand Abstract.D.M.J because it involved the initials of our first names and our brand’s main key, to be abstract!

The first aim was, of course to come up with that brand name, plus a product name but also to research similar products. We researched different perfume and fragrance shops and looked at the prices, colours and anything else relevant to our products.

Then, we went to the graphic design workshop where we made our packaging for our perfume boxes. We considered our colour options and ways to encourage our customer to buy from us again. My suggestion was to put our company’s social media on the box’s lids.

The final part of the workshop was the creation of the perfume bottles. Since we didn’t make any fragrance mixtures, we used Styrofoam to make our bottles. We used some saws to cut our boxes in to fragrance bottle shapes and to make some of the box indented to look like a lid. My favourite tool though was the engraving pen because after some practice on some spare Styrofoam, I go the hang of how to use the tool and it helped me to write some beautiful lettering and to create stunning pictures on the bottles.

After the workshop, we had a small exhibition where we went to the different groups and looked at their wonderful bottles and packaging creations.

Overall, myself and the other selected pupils from Goodwyn really enjoyed our morning and would like to thank Belmont hugely for having us.

Max Crossick


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