Our Charity Prefects


Over the past weeks the charity prefects have been very busy supporting two different charities. They have raised money for Remembrance Day and Children in Need. They made posters and put them up and told people they are selling and then they started their journey. I have managed to get some quotes from the charity prefects and this is what they said:

 Orli“Charity has been my dream job for ages and when I was told I would be selling poppies I was very excited to raise money for Remembrance Day. Overall I think we raised a lot of money and I am pleased with what we sold.

 Amber – “I was very happy when I was told I able to sell poppies as we are in the middle of a pandemic so I was very excited we still got to raise money. We also thought about the soldiers who fought for us with a two minute silence.”

 Eva“First we put up posters and then we started selling. It was so exciting we took our masks out of our pockets and put them on and started our adventure.

 We will keep supporting our charities and raising money

 Written by Ella, Junior Journalist



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