Outside Refurbishment


After a very hot summer holiday, the weather cooled and the playground company were able to catch up and visit us to erect the Clamber Stack, as well as add a new design to the playground and an area of AstroTurf in the Early Years area.  The weather over the beginning of the week was much cooler and the wet pour rubber sets so much quicker.  The children very soon made the road their own.  Early Years with their trikes, going around mostly following the arrows.  Other pushed prams across the pedestrian crossing.  The large model cars were pushed around with gusto.  (A friendly person is gusto…always willing to help!)  When not using the toys, it was great fun just to run around the track.

The older children enjoyed their carefully monitored sessions on the Clamber Stack.  Having had a dry playtime, the grass area was well used by Early Years.

Thank you to the Friends of Goodwyn for their efforts in raising the funds to enable the refurbishment.  All this added to the work already done makes playtime more fun.











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