Precious Moments Concert


On Saturday 1st December in the afternoon/evening at Middlesex University, the choir performed at the Precious Momets concert.

 The children had a long session at the venue.  Having to be there for a practice of the finale, for which there were quite intricate sections.  Each choir coming in for their part.  It was off-putting that the choir before us continued to sing our part as well.  Which, in rehearsal, made the children think they had come in at the wrong time.  The same happened again in the concert, but this time they were prepared and just sung their part as though the other choir wasn’t there.  Did anybody notice?  Don’t expect so.

 As usual it was a very good concert, and Goodwyn played their part very well.  The choir was not at full strength, so there was a bit of pressure on the younger voices.  The children are to be congratulated on their performance.  Well done to Miss Ugboma, and thanks to all who supported.







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