Recorders Performance at the Watford Music Festival


On Sunday 10th March, thirteen recorder players competed in The Watford Music Festival. They all rose to the challenge of playing in public and performed confidently.


Grade 1.      1st Prize and a cup   Asher Freeman

                   2nd Prize                 Hayden Lee

                   Joint 3rd Prize          Rahul Joshi and Khalid Dixon


Grade 2.      1st Prize and a cup    James Zhong

                   2nd Prize                 Serena Haffner


Grade 3.      1st Prize and a cup    Lara Mansukhani

                   2nd Prize                 Tamara Leslie

                   3rd Prize                  Ethan Lamont

There was also a special mention for Brandon Shelley who tackled such a challenging piece.


Grade 5/6.   1st Prize and a cup     Isabella Green

                   2nd Prize                   Chloe Shelley

                   3rd Prize                    Nathan Freeman





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