Removes' End of Term Concert


Remove and Lower Remove were treading the boards last week, with their show “Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits”. After weeks of hard work learning lines and rehearsing, both shows were a spectacular affair. The parents seemed to enjoying watching the concert as much as the children did performing it!


It was a really fun concert and I loved my part. – Brandon

I loved being a guard and I think I would like to do it when I am older! – Harrison

I felt really excited about playing the Grand Vizier and I really enjoyed doing the play. It was the best one we have done. Also the costumes were amazing. – Ruby

I really appreciate all the effort from the teachers to make the play come together. – Eva

I loved being part of the show. It was so funny and everyone knew their parts so well. – Freya

I really liked playing Sandy Sandals and I found the jokes really funny. I wish we could do another show soon! – Layla

This was my most enjoyable play so far! – Tamara

I enjoyed all the loud music and being able to sing my own solo, “Humphrey”. – Orli

I am so grateful to the teachers for putting this wonderful play together and I thought the jokes in the script were hilarious. – Lara

I loved all the funny jokes and really enjoyed singing my solo. - Amber


Some parents commented…

The play was fantastic and very amusing. The children all spoke to clearly and you could clearly see the amount of effort that had been put into the whole production.

Zoya has been super excited since she got the script and has been rehearsing nonstop. I particularly enjoyed the duets and the jokes!

I thoroughly enjoyed the show, it was witty and well-rehearsed. The kids looked like they were having a ball. A great production.

Fabulous play. Such funny jokes that appealed to young and old.

If I hadn’t been sitting on a small plastic chair I could have been at a West End show! The kids were so engaged and really enjoyed it. Well done!









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