School Lunches


The school has introduced new chefs to cook our lunches.

There are loads of choices and lots of delicious food.  Everyone is enjoying the food.  Here are some quotes from Prep about the lunches and what they think:

Tamara – “I think the lunches are really tasty because they’re fresh and home-made.  There are more choices and you can decide what you want.”

Brandon – “The range of choices are much bigger.  The portions that are given are double the size of what they were and are extremely tasty.”

Ibrahim – “The new lunches are consisting of more homemade food.  The portions have also increased.”

Charlie – “There are a lot more choices and they are delicious.  You will always get something you like.”

We will continue trying new things and eating scrumptious food.

Ella Coleman, Junior Journalist

Here is a selection of photos from our recently themed lunch for Thanksgiving...


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