Sport Relief


Friday 13th March saw the return of Sport Relief.  In the days running up to this the charity prefects did a sterling job of selling the official Sport Relief wristbands.  On the day itself children and staff had the opportunity to come to school dressed in their sporting attire.

A total of £237.02 was raised.  £200 of this was down to the sale of the wristbands.  Thank you.


CHILDREN VS STAFF SWIMMING RACE (A view from a pupil and staff member!)

 On Monday 9th of March, Key Stage 2 arrived at swimming as usual.  However, there was one difference.  The teachers would be swimming too!  For Sport Relief, staff at Goodwyn would be racing the pupils.  Who would win?  After a lot of effort, it came to a clear result that the teachers won, to the students’ disappointment.  Despite the fact that we didn’t win, nevertheless, it was still an enjoyable experience for everyone who participated in the race.

Ruby Sorsky, Junior Journalist


To celebrate Sport Relief the teachers (Mrs Asher, Miss Eveleigh, Miss Hobbs and Mrs McCormick) challenged Preps to a medley relay race during their lesson on Monday.  Race 1 was won by the teachers with a Lower Prep team finishing second.  In the grand final the teachers faced a formidable team of Lara – backstroke, Leo – breaststroke, Millie - front crawl, Charlie - front crawl.  The teachers were once again triumphant and are now awaiting their call up for Tokyo!!

Mrs McCormick


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