Our Performance

Early Years

We’re proud that our most recent results for 2019-2020 show that over 79% percent of Goodwyn children achieve or exceed age related expectations as they moved up to Lower Kindergarten (Reception) across a range of key skills as illustrated below. The results below show those children who joined Goodwyn at Nursery and moved into our Reception class. The snapshot is therefore from the start of our school year, rather than at the end and represents a mid point on children's journey through Early Years.

Key Stages One and Two

Our standardised scores in Maths and English are measurably  higher than the national average, as shown in the graphs, at both the end of Key Stage One and Year 5. (Owing to Coronavirus restrictions, we have used data taken for our current Year 6 children from September 2020 which will be representative of the end of Year 5).

 Year 2 Performance Data 2020

 Year 5 Performance Data - 2020