Principal's Message

Over the years I have been associated with Goodwyn, it never ceases to amaze me how much the children have to offer in their own unique way. Their minds are so active, thought processes imaginative, and enthusiasm abundant. It is a privilege to be in an environment where we have staff who find ways of nurturing and channelling such varied gifts and talents into learning, and also stimulate a sense of community. With school and home working together, even the most reserved find confidence. Large Oaks from little acorns grow.

Past pupils return with their own children because they remember Goodwyn offered a certain something which they enjoyed, and they wish for their offspring to enjoy the same experience.

Over the years the school has established an environment where all are encouraged to find their strengths, become confident independent people with a firm sense of tradition, and team spirit. The spirit of Goodwyn is hard to depict in words and pictures, but we hope the website will give you an insight. Parents have often said to us that they did not fully appreciate what Goodwyn offered until their child had moved on to their next school.

We know the spirit of Goodwyn moves with the children, and the broad base gives them the opportunity to expand upon it through to adulthood. Thank you for showing an interest in Goodwyn.

Struan Robertson