Remote Teaching During Lockdown

There have been times in the last year when we have moved our teaching and learning to a virtual platform. Our children have a full timetable during remote learning, including a live English and a live Maths lesson everyday, drop- in clinics when they need help or would prefer to work alongside their teacher, independent topic lessons with all resources provided and specialist lessons in PE, French, Drama and Music, some of which are pre-recorded. Children and their parents submit all work every day for fast and meaningful feedback and can communicate with their class teacher at any point in the day.We also support children for a range of reasons, including those who need a challenge and those who are finding a concept challenging through our use of breakout rooms and teaching assistant interventions on the screen. We have been proud of our pupils and their teachers as they have continued to show their exceptional motivation and that they can produce outstanding work even in adversity.Below is an example of a timtable from Spring Term 2021Example Remote Learning