School Staff





Struan Robertson 



Glynis Hobden

Bursar and Lead Child Protection Officer


Lisa Woolfe

Head Teacher and Deputy Child Protection Officer

School Office

Patsy Gates


Bursar's Office

Fiona Robertson

Admin Assistant

Class Teachers

Zoe Budwig

LKG 'R' (Reception)


Tracey Costin

Transition C (Year 2) and English Coordinator


Laura Goodkind/Rebecca Rose

LKG 'G/R' (Reception) - Laura Goodkind on Maternity Leave from April 2019


Kate Hobbs

 Maternity Leave from October 2018


Amy Howard/Lisa Shelley

Lower Prep and KS11 Leader (Lisa Shelley)


Charlene Kirschner

Nursery K and Temporary Early Years Leader


Bianca Lee/Juliet Levinson

Lower Remove (Year 3) - Bianca Lee on Maternity Leave from January 2019


Kim Llewellyn

Prep (Year 6)


Sarah Maranzana/Katie Tyler

UKG M/T (Year 1)


Charlene Marks

Lower Remove (Year 3)


Amanda Morris 

Remove (Year 4)


Louise Roddis

Maternity Leave from December 2018


Lucy Roddis

Nursery R


Suzy Sless

 Maternity Leave from September 2018


Helen Winchester

Transition W (Year 2) (QFA - Sports)


Lorna Wood

UKG W (Year 1) Key Stage 1 Leader and Maths Co-ordinator

Subject Teachers

Fiona Kosky

French and Latin


Christine McCormick

PE and Sport


Susie Williams

Esiloku Ugboma

Music - Early Years to Year 2 and Recorder

Music - Year 2 and Key Stage 2


Sheryl Bekhor

SEN Co-ordinator

Supply Teachers

Katie Williams


Teaching Assistants

Sarah Beaumont

Teaching Assistant


Kim Brand

Teaching Assistant


Alka Budhdeo 

Teaching Assistant 


Lisa Engleberg

Teaching Assistant


Nicola Eveleigh 

Teaching Assistant (QFA)


Mary Ford 

Teaching Assistant


Kathy Michel 

Teaching Assistant (QFA)


Julia Miles 

Teaching Assistant


Elaine Miller

Teaching Assistant


Karen Mogilner 

Teaching Assistant  + LTS (QFA)


Nicole Ostryn

Teaching Assistant

Lunchtime Supervisors

Denise Joseph 

Lunchtime Supervisor (QFA)


Lauren Andrews

Lunchtime Supervisor 


Megan Warner 

Lunchtime Supervisor


Tanya Steward

School Cook


Sally Lammas 



Dawn Patten 



Karen Webb 



Chris Giles 

 School Maintenance and IT maintenance


 Qualified First Aiders (QFA)


 All our teaching staff are fully qualified teachers and all Goodwyn staff are CRB checked