School History

After the Great War, Mill Hill experienced considerable development of farmland. The need soon arose for a school in the area of Lawrence Farm which was land once owned by the Goodwyn family. Langley Park School was established in the early 1920’s. At some later stage it became Mill Hill High School for Boys and Girls. In 1938 Mrs Gaynor Parry acquired the school and changed its name to Goodwyn, a sensible choice as it was situated in Goodwyn Avenue.

When numbers grew a move was made to a property in Hammers lane, which had just been vacated by St Gabriel’s School. The building has a long history of educational use, having previously housed Erlsmere School which was founded in 1910.

In 1964 Mr and Mrs E A E Robertson purchased Goodwyn with their son Struan Robertson who is now the current principal.

Over the years the school buildings have undergone large developments, and whilst retaining a homely feel, it has the essentials that make it a modern, forward moving centre for education. Many former pupils return with their children and we now have third generation pupils at the school.

For some of you looking at this website it will be a trip down memory lane, for others it will be a first time experience. The website will give you an indication of what Goodwyn is and what it does, but it can never capture the true heart of Goodwyn.

It won’t be until your child joins us that you become fully aware of what this school really means to you and your child. It has been said that it is not until you leave the school that you fully appreciate what the Goodwyn experience meant to you and your child. This is why so many return with their own offspring.