Lower Prep played at the Queenswood School tennis tournament. Here’s what Bailey had to say about it.

“It was quite exciting when we came to school ready for tennis in our PE kit, but we had to wait until 12:30pm before we met the parents outside the gates to take us to Queenswood School. All of us were desperate to get there so we could start. Most of us thought that it was going to be much smaller, however there were about 10 tennis courts. We were all quite nervous but exuberant to play and we couldn’t believe how many other schools there were too. Quite a lot of people were hungry before they got there because we had a snack at 11 o’clock so we sat in the tennis pavilion and ate as we watched the Queenswood tennis scholars play in a match against each other.

We looked at the leaflet to see which groups we were in and after we went to our group number and met our group leaders. A few people were with none of their class mates in their group but that meant they had a chance to make new friends.

There were a range of different activities in between breaks from playing tennis to practicing skills. We learnt new skills, and felt what it is like to play tennis with different people and how good they are and to see what we could do to improve. Rather close to the end of the time we had a chance to play against the scholars and some groups won and some didn’t. But the thing is that it is not about winning it’s about having fun and loving every enjoyable moment that you can get. Some of our class won medals for showing loads of effort and we were also given a bag of prizes for our class for the teachers to hand out. Everyone loved their time there and everyone was happy for the people that won. This is a big recommendation for anyone I think you will love it and have lots of fun.”


L-Prep Queenswood - 2022-06

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