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Theseus and Minotaur

Transition MR (Yr2) have been learning the story of Theseus and Minotaur. They made their own storyboards retelling this famous Greek myth. Great work Transition MR!  

Forensic Adventures in Prep!

Thrilling forensic adventures in Prep (Yr6) as young investigators dive into the world of crime-solving! From chromatography to acidity testing, investigating insulation to absorbency, these budding forensic scientists are on a mission to crack the case at solving the crime

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back Goodwyn to Term 2! We are delighted to welcome you all back and hope you had a wonderful winter break! We have a busy and fun term ahead, so let’s get started and see what exciting things 2024 bring!

Carol Singing

Earlier this week, our school choir had a lovely morning at the Retail Trust singing some of their Christmas songs. Their entertainment was appreciated by all the residents. Children across the school had a great time yesterday carol singing on

Practising rhythm in Lower Remove

Lower Remove ( Yr3) used crotchets, quavers and semi quavers to make their own rhythms. They then performed them for each other as a great way to understand rhythm and pattern. Some created simple rhythms and some got very complicated!

Our Telephone Box Library

Do you remember our ‘Sponsored Read’ last academic year to raise money for the conversion of our playground Telephone box? We’re so pleased to see it back to its former glory and now converted into a beautiful library for all

The Great Fire of London!

Upper Kindergarten have been busy learning all about the Great Fire of London in History. This is just a sample of the incredible diary entries written by our Year 1 children. They really enjoyed the topic, especially building their own

Supporting our Local Community!

We’re working towards our Community Action Badge! This year the Anti Bullying Ambassadors are working towards earning The Community Action Badge as part of The Diana Award. They thought what better way to support the local community by carrying out

Recent Sporting Events!

ISA Cross Country On 16th November, the KS2 Cross Country team competed in the ISA Cross Country Championships. They prepared well and each gave excellent effort. Our best performer was Leo who came 9th and qualified for the finals in

Introducing our School Council

The children in Lower Remove ( Yr3), Remove ( Yr4) and Lower Prep ( Yr5) were given the opportunity to apply for the role of School Council Class Representative. Those who applied gave a short presentation of why they would