Earlier this month four of our Key Stage 2 children participated in an Anti-Bullying Ambassador workshop run by the Diana Award anti-bullying campaign. Here is what Aimee and Izzy had to say about their experiences.

“I felt really happy and proud to know that I am part of a group of so may people around the country who are trying their best to stop children from being bullied and help them.

I think it would be really cool and useful to teach all the other children in an assembly about ways to help people who are being bullied. It would also be good for any children who are being bullied to know how they can get the support that they need. We could create special badges for people who attend our talks or badges for our own Anti-Bullying Ambassadors.

I learnt many things on the course but the main things were how to help when there are arguments and how to sort them out. I also learned how to identify a bully through the Verbal Indirect and Physical (VIP) system as well as how to support people who are being bullied.

I think the course was very helpful and am very proud to have been chosen to represent Goodwyn School for the Anti-Bullying Ambassador course.”


“A couple of days before the course we had to do a survey all about our experience so they could get to know us. Then the day arrived and we were all very excited about taking part.

During our experience at the course, the hosts from the Diana Awards and all the schools who were there discussed what bullying is; how we can stop it and how we can help. We also spoke about the badges we can earn by running campaigns on how to help stop bullying.

We are now currently working on dates to put on an assembly for the school to help the other children understand about bullying and how we can run our campaigns.”


Anti-bullying ambassadors montage

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