How We Teach Computing

Computing Curriculum – Computer SciencePupils receive a focussed Computing lesson each week by a specialist teacher. Microsoft based skills are taught from Year 1 and the pupils will be encouraged to become experienced users of Microsoft software as they progress through to Year 6.Thinking logically and problem-solving are key methods to learning which are taught through the curriculum. We use a variety of platforms and software such as Scratch,, Purple Mash, TouchTyping Club, Stop Motion Animation and Green Screen, offering opportunities to transfer the understanding of algorithms to a range of block-based language. Whole school successful projects, such as ‘Stop Motion Animation’, have developed pupils’ Computing exploration further at home as well as share their passion with their peers.Coding is a large part of our Computing Curriculum at our school and in lessons, pupils are taught Computer Science concepts in a variety of ways. These include unplugged activities such as following a recipe, creating mazes for the Beebots or following a set of dance moves to learn about systematic and algorithmic thinking. In years 1-6, pupils develop their knowledge of different coding languages, including block coding (Scratch) and script coding (Python).Examples of Computing Clubs we have run include:
  • Touch typing
  • Green Screen
  • Coding Club
 Digital Learning – Information TechnologyComputer skills are embedded in many different aspects of the curriculum and pupils access a number of learning applications through iPads and laptops to be able to develop wider transferable skills. Each classroom is fitted with an interactive whiteboard as well as a school set of laptops and iPads. These devices give pupils the opportunity and flexibility to use technology in all aspects of learning. We have subscriptions to interactive programs such as Active Learn for English and Maths, Purple Mash, Timestables Rockstars, Book Creator and Planet Bofa which all serve to support, extend and enhance learning. Pupils are also taught the skills needed to confidently research appropriate websites for extended projects and providing the ability to skim, scan and document their learning.