In preparation for the Harvest Festival the Assembly on the previous day was based upon old traditions and customs across the globe. Also on all those who actually help in the process of getting the produce to the shops.   The next day all came to school with their offerings for a Food Bank which helps the old and needy.  As we are well aware the need for such has increased.

Harvest Assembly 1 2022

There was a wonderful collection of a whole range of items.  Each Key Stage had a different focus.  Thus giving a wide variety of choice for the Food Bank.    The children enjoyed seeing what had been gifted, and realised there is a need to help others.   The displays were arranged by the Friends of Goodwyn, who then packed it all up and delivered to the Food Bank.

Their help was much appreciated, as was the great generosity of the parents for their substantial donations.   An enormous thank you to all.


Harvest Montage 2 - 2022

Harvest Montage 2 - 2022

Thank you all for your generosity. The staff at the food bank were very grateful for all of your donations. Thank you also to the Friends of Goodwyn for their organistion and energy in advance and on the day.

Harvest at the food bank


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