On Wednesday 23rd March our children took part in Race for Life. Our junior journalist, Isabella, tells the story…

“The entire school took part in Primary Schools Race for Life, to help raise money for cancer research. The idea was suggested by our gym teacher Mrs McCormick, who had previously undergone cancer treatment. The older children ran the distance of a metric mile, the younger children ran less but it was still a challenge. Everybody crossed the finish line with a huge grin spread across their face. They all enjoyed the run and were incredibly glad when they finished and were greeted with a shiny medal.

We have already raised over £9,500 for the charity and it’s still going up which is amazing considering our original target was £2,000.

Thank you very much Mrs McCormick.”

You can visit our giving page here.

Race for life montage 1

Race for life montage 2

Race for life montage 3



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