The children in Key Stage One have been covering topics in Science all about animals. They have been full of enthusiasm learning about different habitats, how to group animals and how we can help to protect them. They have been working extremely hard, and as a special surprise we arranged for ‘Safari Pete’ to come and visit them.

He is a wildlife adventurer and conservationist, who is passionate about teaching children about conservation and communities that live alongside the wildlife. Each show he does directly contributes to various conservation projects around the world, including Uganda and Sri Lanka. The children were incredibly excited to meet all of the wonderful animals Pete brought in, which included a toad, African green frog, barn owl, bearded dragon, snake, tarantula and a 4ft caimen! They were absolutely fascinated and also inspired to hear all about the work Pete does to protect these amazing creatures.

Safari Pete montage 1

Safari Pete Montage 2

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