At Goodwyn we run a number of extracurricular clubs designed to appeal to a wide range of children’s interests. For the Summer Term 2024 we are running the clubs listed below starting from Monday, 22nd April and finishing on Thursday, 4th July.

We also offer a breakfast club which runs on Monday to Thursday from 8:00am to 8:30am and an after school club which runs on Monday to Friday until 5:15pm each day.


Mini Clubs (Lower Kindergarten, Upper Kindergarten, Transition)


Busy Hands Club for UKG and Transition with Ms Bekhor

Do you want to have happy hands? Well then, keep them busy with fun arts and crafts, model making, biscuit decorating and more.

These activities will reinforce and improve fine motor skills and keep your hands happy; clapping with joy!

Drawing Club for UKG and Transition with Miss Eveleigh

Do you love books and stories? Do you want to open up the magic world of tales, whilst enriching your language skill? Drawing Club is a true adventure, you can explore your ideas and creativity whilst letting your imagination run free. Immerse yourself into a world full of imagination where anything can happen and often does

Lego Club for LKG and UKG with Mrs Kirschner

Show your creativity as you build Lego creations! Each week will offer free play (with project ideas) and a time at the end of the session for Show & Tell. There will also be some building challenges scattered throughout the term. This is an ideal club for any Lego-maniac!


All Things Sports! for UKG and Transition with Miss Marks                

Want to become part of a team that works together to learn and play new sports? You will learn new techniques, new skills and new sports as well as practice and play sports that you already know. We will play a range of all different sports from netball, bench ball, football, dodgeball, hockey and more. We will learn general ball skills, take part in competitive races and obstacle courses and maybe even do some High Intensity Training workouts! Each week will be different, competitive and most importantly fun! 

Mindfulness and Wellbeing Club for LKG with Mrs Mogilner

Come along after school and wind down with us in a calm and relaxing environment. We will be choosing a book to read each week focusing on different feelings. We will then spend some time talking about our day whilst enjoying our snack and then we will put on some relaxing background music and create a painting by numbers picture, choose a puzzle, learn a new skill like sewing or knitting, hama beads or just playing games, thus creating a real chilled experience; the perfect way to end the school day.

Create and Play for LKG, UKG and Transition with Mrs Bowe

Come along to Create and Play club where each week will be something new. This club will involve games, challenges, activity carousels, creations and some outdoor team building fun. The children will learn game rules, develop their thinking and creativity skills, as well as getting outdoors for some team work tasks. 


Music and Movement Club for LKG and UKG with Miss Beaumont

Having fun with music and movement, keeping fit, making friends and team building.  We will be playing ball games, running races and incorporating fun party games.  After school fun at its best!

The Club That Asks, Can You? for UKG and Transition with Ms Ostryn

Can you build a 3D puzzle? Can you create an origami model? Can you build a house from cards? Or design a bridge which can hold the weight of a large toy. Come and join our Can You Club to answer these questions. Together we will explore, create and challenge ourselves to the fullest. So, Can You?


Beginners’ Draughts and Chess Club for Transition with Ms Woolfe

Start an exciting new pathway to becoming a chess player of the future! Chess and draughts help children to increase their focus, develop their memories and learn how to think ahead. Come and find out the first steps to winning a variety of strategy games and make your first moves of the chess pieces in a fun and interactive way.

DT Club for UKG and Transition with Mrs Kirschner and Ms Beaumont

Ready for a fun-filled club where we work with a range of materials and tools to create a different project each week. The children will be working on their own design creating some interesting and dynamic arts and crafts to challenge and elevate their creativity.

Cookery Club for LKG, UKG with Mrs Mogilner, Miss Eveleigh and Ms Ostryn

Come along and have some fun. From pizza and pasta to sandwiches, cupcakes and desserts, enjoy learning how to use your Culinary skills. Every week there will be a recipe card for you to follow and take home building your very own cookery book together with your edible delights that you have made. 

KS2 Clubs (Lower Remove, Remove, Lower Prep, Prep)


There are no Monday clubs running for KS2 this term.


Chess Club for Lower Remove and Remove with Mrs Llewellyn

Welcome to the wonderful land of Chess where the queen is all powerful and uses her powers to defeat the enemy king!  Discover the secrets of this ancient game, sharpen your problem-solving skills, and unleash your inner genius.  Have fun with your friends over a relaxed game, participate in thrilling tournaments, and experience the joy of victory. Whether you’re a beginner or a budding grandmaster, our chess club is the perfect place to challenge yourself, have fun, and become a true chess champion.

Drama Club for Lower Remove, Remove and Lower Prep with Mrs Kosky and Miss Bush

Drama Club is all about learning to work as a team by putting on a play. You will become a more confident performer and speaker taking on a role and really thinking about how your character would speak, move and behave. You might be given the part of a child, a parent or a servant in modern times or in a time travelling adventure. Who knows? Everyone gets a part and everyone will have lines to learn and everyone is important to the final performance.  So if acting is your passion or you would just like to see if you could be someone else for an hour a week this is the club for you.


Outdoor Team Building for all KS2 with Mrs Khalid

Do you want to enjoy traditional summer camp games early this year? If so, come join us and enjoy playing with water balloons, relays and many old school games. It will boost your team spirit, keep you fit and active and let you have a super cool time!


Sewing Club for Lower Remove and Remove with Mrs Costin

Have you always wanted to be able to sew on your own button or mend you socks! Come to sewing club and learn some basic skills – threading a needle, knotting the thread and mending. We will also learn some fancy stitching on a sampler with embroidery thread, toy making and even decorating your own items of clothing. These skills will stay with you for the rest of your life. Come a long and learn.

Chess Club for Lower Prep and Prep with Mrs Llewellyn

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey into the incredible world of chess. Join our chess club and unlock the power of your mind as you learn to outsmart your opponents with every move. Discover the secrets of this ancient game, sharpen your problem-solving skills, and unleash your inner genius.  Have fun with your friends over a relaxed game, participate in thrilling tournaments, and experience the joy of victory. Whether you’re a beginner or a budding grandmaster, our chess club is the perfect place to challenge yourself, have fun, and become a true chess champion.

LAMDA Club with Miss Bush and Mr Cooper

LAMDA stands for London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and is globally recognised for its performance examinations. At LAMDA club we will develop a range of skills that will serve students throughout their education and beyond into their chosen career paths. These skills include: developing confidence in public speaking and listening; tackling nerves through breathing exercises; memorising and recalling information with clear articulation. This will be carried out through physical & vocal warm up activities, along with drama style games and role play.