The School Day

Our typical day.
08.25School gates open
08.50Registration and start of lesson/down to assembly
08.55Assembly/Lessons begin as per timetable
10.20Nursery and LKG break
10.40UKG and Trans break
11.00Removes and Preps break
12.001st Lunch – Early Years
12.00Nursery home
12.302nd lunch – Key Stage 1
13.003rd lunch – Key Stage 2 +1st lunch back to school
13.302nd lunch – Key Stage 1 +2nd lunch back to school
14.003rd lunch – Key Stage 2 back to school
14.50Thursday only – Nursery/LKG/UKG/Trans assembly
15.10Nursery & LKG home
15.15UKG & Trans home
15.45Removes and Preps home