Here at Goodwyn, we are passionate about maths! It is a key skill which children will use all their lives and we believe it should be linked to real life experiences. It is so important that children see the relevance of maths to their everyday lives, to their future success and to understand the way the skills learnt can be applied, for example, in time, shopping, cooking, budgeting and banking, measurement and estimation to name but a few. We aim to develop our children as mathematicians who enjoy engaging with the processes of problem solving and exciting pupil led investigations.

We embed the core skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, realising the importance and application of number in an everyday real-life context. We promote the importance of learning the multiplication tables and their related division facts through fun, effective, relevant lessons, celebrating individual achievements along the way. We develop an understanding of shape, data and measures which are further enhanced by using and applying these skills across other areas of the curriculum where possible. Through creative, practical and engaging lessons, our children are building skills of resilience and perseverance and making links with the wider world.

Our teaching of mathematics aims to equip children with the necessary numeracy skills to allow them to use different methods and strategies in everyday life as they continue on their learning journeys.

This is achieved through:

  • Dedicated mathematics lessons every day
  • Direct teaching and interactive oral work with the whole class and groups
  • An emphasis on rapid recall and mental calculation
  • Carefully crafted differentiation, with all pupils engaged in mathematics relating to a common theme.

Through regular assessment, we are able to tailor work to meet each child’s individual needs and ensure that they reach their full potential.