Music is an integral part of Goodwyn School and we do our best to feature it in as many areas of the curriculum and community as possible.

We strive to develop the innate musical ability of every pupil and follow a course based on performing, listening and composition at all levels. Music lessons are fun and lively with high expectations leading to a real love of music from our pupils.

In the Early Years and Key Stage 1 level, children are taught through Dalcroze and Kodaly approaches which provide a high level of engagement and participation for learners. Children develop a strong understanding of pulse, rhythm and melody and start to learn how to read musical notation at a comprehensive level. This develops into key stage two, where the children are able to apply previously learnt skills to sing in harmony, develop their understanding of more complex rhythms, instrumentation, composition and improvisation. They develop the confidence to share their musical ideas and are even given opportunities to sing in small ensembles or a solo setting.

All children are taught the recorder from Year 2. We also have an extensive range of instrumental lessons available and an orchestra that showcases these talents. We have several choirs in which children are featured and we participate in a wide variety of national concerts and competitions.