Curriculum Overview

We provide a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum which is accessible to all our children and based on the National Curriculum. We aim to help our children to develop into positive, responsible and confident people who achieve their full potential. Goodwyn School is a happy, sociable and unpretentious school, where children’s efforts and achievements are valued, recognised and rewarded. Our girls and boys are enthusiastic individuals, with lots of character and energy, who enjoy their time at school. We aim to provide the children with a life-long love of learning through our diverse and varied approach to teaching and learning. The pfs below give a summary of this term's work.

Lower Remove - Autumn Term 2017 LKG - Autumn Term 2017 Lower Prep - Autumn Term 2017 Nursery - Autumn Term 2017 Prep - Autumn Term 2017 Remove - Autumn Term 2017 Trans - Autumn Term 2017 UKG - Autumn Term 2017